MSD JobLink is an online tool to help contractors working on MSD projects find local, well-trained employees.

MSD JobLink is available for all prime and subcontractors working on MSD Projects.
On projects over $5 million contractors are REQUIRED to hire a percentage of their workforce locally. This requirement is one of the factors MSD uses to manage contracts, making it a vital part of the delivery process. MSD JobLink is a free service that helps connect contractors to the talented workforce in our community.

Our region has an abundance of both opportunities and a skilled workforce to fill many construction jobs opportunities for MSD contrators. MSD JobLink will make local hiring easier and help keep MSD construction dollars in our community.

How does it work? First, the MSD works with its contractors to post job opportunities with their companies. Then, Metro Louisville residents and many of the area Workforce Development Agencies and community organizations upload their resumes for view by the MSD JobLink registered contractors. Contractors and Jobseekers are then encouraged to search the site for the best matches to fill the construction jobs in communities in which MSD serves.

MSD JobLink is available for all Louisville area residents who reside in any of the following counties: Jefferson, Bullitt, Henry, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble counties in Kentucky; and, Clark, Floyd, Harrison and Washington counties in Indiana.

MSD JobLink provides diverse, dependable candidates. Working with Workforce Development Agencies such as KentuckianaWorks and Louisville Urban League, many candidates are experienced, while others receive pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeships, and job readiness training for the construction industry.


No, MSD JobLink is a free tool made available by Louisville MSD.

On the homepage click “Employer.” From there you will click “Don’t have an account” which will bring up a registration form to be filled out completely. Your registration will be submitted for same day approvel. Once approved, the option to publish jobs will be available.

Only those who have active projects with MSD are permitted to post jobs in MSD JobLink. If you have an active project with MSD and still cannot post a job, please email us

Only you and authorized MSD JobLink personnel can view your account information.

No, MSD JobLink is used to post local construction jobs on active MSD projects.

Yes, job postings can be sent to individuals that do not have an account. Visitors can view the job posting but cannot apply until an account is made.

Yes, if an employer chooses to do so, a job post can be posted without showing the company information.

No, MSD JobLink is not a contract requirement and is not listed in Bid specifications.

Employers control what information is stored in the MSD JobLink site. The information stored depends on each employer’s level of service.

MSD JobLink has three levels of service:

  • Level 1: Employers have access to a local source for anonymous or non-anonymous job advertising and resume search.
  • Level 2: Employers have access to Level 1 service PLUS the ability to anonymously communicate with candidates and coordinate interviews through the site.
  • Level 3: Employers have access to Level 2 service PLUS the ability to communicate hiring decisions and access activity reports through the site.

MSD JobLink is a tool provided by Louisville MSD. Louisville MSD is subject to open records requests.


No, MSD JobLink is a free tool made available by Louisville MSD.

On the homepage click “Jobseeker.” From there you will click “Don’t have an account” which will bring up a registration form that should be filled out and submitted.

Yes, a visitor can view a job posting without being logged in.

When you apply to a job through MSD JobLink, your resume and application is sent to the employer that posted the job. If you created a resume while applying to a job, a copy of your resume is saved in the MSD JobLink database as long as you have created an account.

Your application will be listed under “My Applied Jobs” on your dashboard, where you can track its status. Your resume will be listed under “My Resumes”

Employers can contact you through MSD JobLink or via your contact information listed on your resume.

Yes, to create a new resume, on your dashboard click the “Add Resume” button. To view all of your resumes click “My Resume.”

MSD JobLink only allows candidates who are local, in terms of MSD, to post a resume. If you do not live in one of the qualifying counties, then you will not be permitted to apply for a job. If you live in one of MSD’s qualifying counties and are still not permitted to post a resume, please